Spread the consumption of healthy food as a contemporary trend, achieving the goal of exporting our products to all consumers around the world.

About Us

The gratifying thing about our work is that...

  • We base it on social activities.
  • We work on the most needy regions of the country.
  • We provide training, financing and counseling for small farmers in two communities located in the Northen Region Of Paraguay.

The diversity of our production is

  • We produce on our own lands,
  • We count on own lands of mechanized harvest.
  • Besides working with small farmers in extreme poverty in family farming, we work with big farmers in extensive fields.



The company constantly works in the improvement of productive processes.


We specialize in exporting Chia Seeds, Sesame Seeds and Raw Peanuts.


The company works with the newest sowing, harvest and processing equipments.

Small Farmers

We trust farmers who do their job delicately and thoroughly.

Guaranteed Quality

We offer International Standard Certified Products.

We actively and voluntarily contribute to the social and economical improvement of the country.


Black Chia


white Chia


White Sesame


Black Sesame



Conventional/Organic (Grades 38/42 - 40/50 - 50/60 - 70/80 - 80/100)

White/Black chia flour


White/Black ground Chia


Chia oil

Extra Virgin - Conventional/Organic


Healthy Grains has international certifications that confirms the quality of our services and products.


U.S Food and Drug Administration

The FDA guarantees that the company is competent to export to the American market.

The FDA is responsible to protect public health through the regulation of medicine of human and animal use, vaccines and other biological products, medical devices, food supply for the country, cosmetics, diet supplements and radiation emiting products.

Promoting public health through product innovations.

Provide important information to the people; exact; on a scientific basis, allowing people to use medications and food to improve their health.

The responsbilities of the FDA are for the 50 states of the United States, disctric of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guama, Virgin Islands, American Samoa and other territories from the United States of America.

NOP-USDA Certification

National Organic Program of the USDA.

The Organic USDA is based on Th norms of Organic Production (NOP-USDA) (286.11 kb), created by the Department of Agriculture. This Certificate is essencial for clients who wish to send their organic production to the US, even when they have already Organic Certification for other countries.

The NOP is a certificate give consumers the confidence and certainty that the processes used are suitable for the production of organic food.

It is worth mentioning that the used methods help preserve the environment and discard synthetic materials like intibiotics and pesticides.

The department in charge of the Certifications conducts detailed inspections annually to make sure and confirm that the methods and processes in practice are up to the requirements established.

Good Manufacturing Practice Product

Norms for Correct Production

This certificate guarantees that the production processes are under the regulation of food norms of safety. Nowadays, most consumers feel confidence that the food is totally fine for consumption.

The GMP regulations cover the data registry, personnel qualifications, hygiene, cleaning, equipment check, process validation and complaints management. The GMP system also requires a complete documentation, so that every aspect of the process of development, analysis, production and logistic allows traceability and in case of any problem, the withdrawal of the products from the market.

The GMP Certificate guarantees Quality, Safety and effectiveness of our products.

HACCP Certification

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

It is a structured operative method internationally accepted that assists food beverage industry organizations in identifying risks of food safety, avoid dangers in food safety and approach the legal compliance.

The HACCP is mandatory in various countries, also in the US and European Nations. The principles and guidelines for the application of the HACCP have been adopted by the "Comission of Codex Alimantarius". The HACCP has a scientific basis and identifies the risks and the specific for controlling it in order to guarante the food safety.

This Certificate is highly important for food manufacturers, since its community norms are related to controlling the critital points. The norm has been confirmed in Italy, Legislative Decree N0155/97.

The companies are forced to guarantee that the product treatments are done in a hygienic manner.


Kosher - Orthodox Union

The Kosher Orthodox Union is the biggest Kosher Certification Agency and the most most recognized in the world, which certifies more than 400.000 products produced in more than 6.000 plants in 80 countries.

It is the control system for food quality according to the Jewish norms called Kosher.

The Kosher supervision is carried out in the production plant by the Kosher supervisor to guarantee that the lots are in compliance with the norms and specifications of required quality.

The OU Kosher Certificate guarantees that the products are high quality worldwide.

Social Responsibility

The most important factor of our company are the farmers.

They are our allied who are with us in the starting process as well as we reach our clientes, offering products of a higher quality and sharing our sucess.

Our main goal is to improve their standard of living.

Thus, we are willing to participate in the process of growth supporting the whole family as a community that plants a project, accompanies and harvest the success.

Farmer's benefits

Healthy Grains ensures the commitment to contribute and support the Development and Quality of Life of small farmers, who represent one of the most important parts of the growth our Company. We believe that they are the main source and the engine of what we do

Our allied farmers have the following benefits:

Technical and Mechanical assistance.

They get high quality seeds.

Store Food on Credit.

They count with Health Services and Pharmaceutical dispensary.

Organic Certification: It represents a higher value compared to standard processes; the result is better income for farmers.

They have financial assistance.


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